Beyond the Call of Duty Innovation & Commitment

SMPS is a leading organization of Consultants, offering comprehensive services in planning and design engineering for diverse types of industrial and institutional infrastructural projects.



Since its inception in 1963, SMPS has accumulated diversified experience in traditional industries and technologies - textiles, glass and ceramics, foundries etc. It has also kept pace with sunrise industries and modern technologies - electronic industries, pharmaceutical plants with ultra - clean environments and speciality chemical plants. With personnel of over 94 technologists, project managers, designers, supervisors, draftsmen and other specialists, SMPS strives for continuous improvement in its capabilities and increase its reach of services.


Professional Practice

SMPS remains deeply committed to the highest ideals and ethics of professional practice. This enables SMPS to provide unbiased expert opinion and technical advice.


Overview of Past Experience / Services Provided:

Through subsequent pages, the details of SMPS experience in project studies, planning, design and detailed engineering for various types of industries, providing different nature of services is presented.  Further, where and how the diverse nature of SMPS services can be utilized to meet the project needs has been outlined.