Beyond the Call of Duty Innovation & Commitment
Nature of Integrated Services
Concept of One Office Role
For establishing a modern industry, integrated services embracing plant layouts and comprehensive designs, detailed engineering, supervision, review and follow up to cover all the aspects of the project, are called for. When these are available from 'a single office', there is considerable advantage in better planning, project implementation period and project costs; moreover, the energy wastage on co-ordination efforts is minimized.

Planning, Design & Engineering
Basic Services :
  • Planning, and Comprehensive Designs
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Project Management Services

Detailed Design and Engineering:
  • Clean Room Engineering
  • Electrical Power, Lighting Installations and Diesel Power Systems
  • Generation and Distribution of Utilities like Cooling Water, Chilled Water, Steam, Hot Oil, Inert Gas, Compressed Air, etc
  • Humidification, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering
  • Machine Foundations
  • Plant Layouts
  • Piping Designs

Related Services :
  • Effluent and Sewage Treatment and Disposal
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Land and Contour Survey
  • Water Supply and Distribution

  • Harbour Engineering and Water Transportation
  • Interior Designing and Landscape Architecture
  • Textile Technology Consultancy
  • Valuation - Land, Buildings, Plants and Machineries

Comprehensive Assignment
SMPS has built up necessary infrastructure to undertake total responsibility for establishing an industry.
Based on the process inputs from Owners or their specialist consultants, subsequent planning and designing services are provided by SMPS under single office responsibility.
Investment Phase
  • Site selection studies and recommendations
  • Geotechnical investigations and land survey
  • Master plan defining present and future needs
  • Preliminary cost estimates for budgetary purpose
  • Assistance to obtain approval from authorities
  • Planning, structural and civil designs as well as designing for controlled environment, electrical power and lighting
  • Planning and designing of plants and utility systems

Implementation Phase
  • Comprehensive planning and designing – civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, utility piping and instrumentation
  • Detailed engineering designs, specifications and drawings for all infrastructural facilities
  • Preparation of tender documents, invite bids, their evaluation and comparatives for a final work order
  • Technical assistance during execution - contract administration and supervision during construction & erection
  • Project Management using Computer Software Packages, in deciding optimal time schedule for the project implementation and also monitoring till completion of the project.